Soggy Paws provides: self-serve washing (you wash), full-service washing (we wash), primp and preen services (those little things that you just can’t do such as nail trimming) and professional dog grooming.

Soggy Paws Omaha Tubs

Each wash includes a custom wash kit tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s correcting irritated skin, a brightening wash to bring back your friend’s luster, or just the monthly scrub. Each wash ends with a delicious treat for your friend for being such a good dog!

NOTE: Last self-wash is 45 minutes before posted closing time.


Each $18 Self-Wash includes:

  • Chill-Out aromatherapy calming mist
  • Growl & Meow Foaming Face Wash
  • Luxurious remoisturing shampoos
  • Appropriate combs and/or brushes
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Soothing ear cleaner
  • Breath Spray
  • Hi-speed fluffer dryers
  • Special love and care from us!



Pre-Paid Wash Program – “Buy 4, get 5!”

  • 20% Savings !!
  • Pre-pay for 4 washes, get the 5th one FREE
  • No cards to carry. We’ll keep track for you.
  • Expires 12 months after purchase date.
  • Is not refundable


Frequent Wash Program

Nothing for you to do – we keep track of your washes in our system (per store). Do 8 full-price, paid washes within 12 months and your 9th is FREE!

*prices and promotions subject to change
*Additional restrictions may apply. Program details subject to change without notice.


by Soggy Paws

  • Ear Cleaning – $2.00
  • Ear Plucking – $10.00
  • Nail Trimming – $10.00
  • Nail Grinding – $12.00
  • Paw Pad Hair Trimming – $10.00

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